MIN_FREQ and DEFAULT_FREQ Ignored in USB Audio

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MIN_FREQ and DEFAULT_FREQ Ignored in USB Audio

Postby tbjr6 » Sun Apr 11, 2021 4:12 pm


I am trying to do UAC2 to i2s, which is working fine for the most part. I have included the following in my customdefines.h:

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#define MAX_FREQ            (192000)
#define MIN_FREQ            (192000)
#define DEFAULT_FREQ        (192000)
The max frequency changes properly, but when I change the minimum frequency and default frequency nothing changes. I do want this card rate-locked to 192K, but it seems that no matter what I set the values to it comes up the same in Windows. I have also tried changing the device PID each compile just to make sure Windows wasn't reusing config data. This is a custom board based on the Multichannel audio reference design
Screenshot 2021-04-11 110942.jpg
It shows like this no matter what these values are set to
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