USB Audio 1.0 Low Sampling Rates

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USB Audio 1.0 Low Sampling Rates

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Dear all,
I'm trying to use the multichannel audio platform usb-audio system with class 1 where I want to use the sampling frequency 16000 Hz.
Can somebody tell me, while Windows 7 doesn't recognize it as 16kHz Audio Device, but as 48 kHz?

I see no other way fixing this problem.

I also tried using the same settings but with Audio Class 2.0. My pc recognize the platform correctly but I'm not able to run audio (Host to Device).
USB Audio from device to host works.

I hope you can help me.

Best regards.

- Multichannel Audio Platform Software is used.
- NUM_USB_CHAN_OUT and _IN is 2
- NUM I2S_CHANS_ADC and _DAC also 2
- MAX_FREQ 16000
-#define SAMPLE_RATE_LIST 16000 in customdefines