XMOS module_usbhost High Speed support

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XMOS module_usbhost High Speed support

Post by zoran4afc »

XMOS Support suggested that I should ask the following question for the XCore Engineers here, on the forum.

In my current project I need to implement USB host with the UAC1 and
UAC2 generic drivers on the xCore 216 (working on audio_xk_216_mc
In the USB Audio MFI Software I found the module "module_usbhost" with
the libUsbHostLLD_x200.a library inside.
I don't actually need the MFI functionality, I just need the "USB 2.0
High Speed" Host library.

I am not sure that libUsbHostLLD_x200.a supports "USB 2.0 High Speed",
because the UAC2 devices I connect to the board's USB port would use
only the "Full Speed".
I suspect that "High Speed" support is either disabled or not
implemented in the libUsbHostLLD_x200.a library.
Analysing the USB communication with an oscilloscope I found that the
XMOS USB host is ignoring "Device K Chirp" and the communication
resumes at the "Full Speed".
Please instruct me how to activate the "High Speed" support for the
libUsbHostLLD_x200.a library.
If that's not possible, can you make the source of that, or other
relevant library, available for me to try to implement the "High
Speed"? I have no problem programming in the XCore assembler.

Best regards

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Post by mon2 »

Review this page:

https://www.xmos.com/developer/publishe ... 9.a&page=3

and see the parameter named desiredSpeed

These comments are for creating a high speed USB device with the XMOS CPU. You should also be able to apply one of the USB HS device function IPs for quick testing with a HS capable PC port.
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Post by zoran4afc »

Hello mon2,

thank you for quick reply.
The thing is, I need the host XMOS library with HS support, not the device library.
"module_usbhost" with the library libUsbHostLLD_x200.a is the host library, but it supports, apparently, only FS.
That module is a part of the "USB-Audio-Host-Software---MFi_2.0.3.zip" project.
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Post by zoran4afc »

Still no response from anybody
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Post by akp »

Unfortunately, it seems like you will have to implement this feature yourself from scratch.