2x2 AVB board?

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2x2 AVB board?

Post by Audiomatt »

I'm managing a project that was using the DSP4You's AVB board (link below). Unfortunately they decided to End of Life that product and we're left facing the choice of cancelling the project or duplicating the functionality. From a novice's perspective, I don't consider this complicated. I'd like to create a 2x2 audio io endpoint. We have the front end ready with i2s connections etc.

If anyone could consult on helping us get from i2s to avb and back, I'd love to work with them.

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Post by fabra »

Hi Audiomatt,
this could be interesting for you: https://www.joyned.online/shop/avb-base-module/
Feel free to send a PM if you want to discuss details.