Programming tutor

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Programming tutor

Postby ast8346 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 3:16 pm

I'm looking for a programming tutor, experienced in XMOS architecture and .xc language.
I'm an electronics design engineer with a bit of experience of programming STM32 microcontrollers in C to do simple tasks and a bit of I2C. I have got xCore-200 Multichannel audio platform and I'm looking for someone to explain basics of operation of xmos microcontrollers as well as to look in detail into xmos USB, SPDIF and AVB libraries.
I would propose to study in Skype or by using a similar program. I can study evenings Mon-Fri, about 7pm and anytime on weekends. I'm based in the UK.
I do not know how many classes will be necessary, but I'm prepared to study 3 hours per week on a flexible schedule. I would like to offer £30+ per hour depending on experience.
Please contact me in PM if you are interested.
Best Regards,

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