USB audio to I2S/DAC PCB design.

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USB audio to I2S/DAC PCB design.

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USB audio to I2S/DAC PCB design.

The target is to design a small size and low consumption board.

Requirements :
- data 32-bit/384 kHz and DS256
- PCB size : max width 25mm, max length TBD. (parts assembled on one side only).
- USB controller is free but the DAC is the TI PCM5102A including the regular analog out RC filter (470Ohms/2n2F).
- If possible avoid BGA footprint.
- external USB phy is accepted.
- USB type A connector
- power supply from USB or from external source selector (jumper or switch, TBD).
- Header 1 pinout : +5Vout from USB, +3V7 in, GND.
- Header 2 pinout : GND, Analog Left out, Analog Right out.
- Header 3 pinout : MCLK, LRCK, SCLK, DATA.

The freelancer supplies
1) PCB Schematics
2) Bill of material
3) PCB layout
4) PCB GERBER files
5) Firmware compatible with IO7 7 and more, Android 4.1 and more, Windows 7 & 8, Mac OS 10.9 and more (source code and executable file).
6) one working and 100% tested sample

More information on request.

All proposal and all quotation is welcome.

Thank you.