Some Xcore 200 conceptual questions, i2c camera correction

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Some Xcore 200 conceptual questions, i2c camera correction

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How well suited are xcore 200 for simple video processing?

e,g would there be any issues with the relativly simple image correction required for the MLX60640 greyscale i2c thermal camera see datasheet section 13.3 page 55)

in summary the process involves Average Image gain, average Image pixel offset, individual pixel gain and offset, so would need several matrix operations idealy parralellised in some form, for each frame. plus reading image and static and dynamic correction details from the camera via i2c.

could the xcore 200 operate as a i2C Master and slave simultaioulsy on two seperate respective buses?
e.g perform image correction "transparently" between an I2C camera (e.g. see above) and and an i2C master, im aware the i2c slave implmentation would have to replicate the cameras i2c implementation.

could the xcore 200 process both audio from a microphone array and video correction from an i2c camera simultaniously to USB?

Would a USB video device require conversion from Y16 (16bit Greysacle) to YUV (or some other format)

is there a syncronised Audio/Video USB Device class, or are USB Audio and Video seperate and have to deal with syncronisation later?