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Hi , I have included XE216-512-TQ128 in a prototype for interfaces and i'm using the AVB on GB Ethernet PHY example code.

I have I2C master and 1 x I2C slave for simple communication to/from the the arm M7 micro. ( maybe there is a better way ?)

I'd like to see if I can add AES3 IO but cannot find a library example ( only SPDIF ) I am aware its a similar protocol but is there a reason
XMOS doesn't include it in the library ?

Does anyone have an example of the changes I'd need to make to the preamble bit ? is there more ?

is it that the XMOS does not support AES3 EBU specifications or just hasn't been proven to? I found this is the case with some AD DSP parts.

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AES3 and SPDIF are the same protocols - as you already mentioned. The only diference is the physical layer. So why do you need a special library for that?
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I've just come across this thread while searching for AES3 information. For completeness I just wanted to point out that although the audio data format is the same for SPDIF and AES3, the channel status data format is different. The differences are very straightforward - a copy of the AES3 standard document and a couple of hours on the XMOS SPDIF library code will be all you need. However, it seems that many devices ignore most if not all of the channel status data anyway, so you can often get away with just changing the physical layer to AES3.