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development with XK-VF3000-L33-AVS

Post by hyuting1008 »

Hello all,

Which target device should I select in the xTIMEcomposer if I want to develop with XK-VF3000-L33-AVS?

I've read the article "Development with XK-VF3100-C43 and XK-VF3500-L33-AVS". There are three boards that the author use:
2. XK-VF3100-C43
3. XK-VF3500-L33-AVS

and their device target is "XU-216-512-TQ128-I20" in the list of Makefile editor.

I've try this in the example AN00192 "Getting started with timing analyse"
but when I try to load binary into XTA, it shows the warning as the attachment.

I think maybe the target I select in the makefile device is wrong.
But I wonder how to know the device target is ?

Thanks a lot!
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Post by mon2 »

Hi. Double click the MAKEFILE inside your project and apply the -g flag to enable debug information during compilation and try again.

View the PDF download from here: ... ion=X9226D