XMOS Development Kits For sale.

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XMOS Development Kits For sale.

Post by seulater »

I am selling the following XMOS kits & book:

1) XC-1A Development Kit, Bought for $99.00
2) XC-2 Ethernet Kit, Bought for $149.00
3) Programming XC on XMOS Devices Hard Cover Book, Bought for $24.95

If interested please visit my ebay page.

All kits work perfect, i have decided that XMOS is just not for me.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 0541203703

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Post by Heater »

seulater: Sorry to here you are giving up on XMOS. I'm sure there is a world of fascinating projects that can be undertaken with them. However if they don't fit your requirements just now I guess that's it.

So all I can say is:

See you later.
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Post by Folknology »

Sorry to hear that Jim, I hope you come back someday..

As a silver lining it could be a good deal for someone stateside to pick up some discounted Xmos Dev kit from your auction.

Good luck with whatever you are using next.

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Post by seulater »

Thanks guys. I'm sure in the months to come i will re-visit the site to see if there is more clear documentation that can help me understand the whole thing.

Until then.....
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Post by CaptainObvious »


That's an awesome deal.. I've been tempted to upgrade to a 4-core device from the XK-1.. and I think I may have just found 2.

If you still have them for auction in a few days, I may very well purchase em, that's an awesome deal!

But I know how that feels.. it took me about 4 months to actually get down and dirty with the XMOS.. was a bit much to understand, coming from no background in programming other than some self-taught C++. I was previously an Arduino user.. and still love it because of the HUGE HUGE HUGE support, and all the extra libraries and such that makes interfacing to devices like a million times easier.

But after that first.. "awkwardness", I haven't been able to put my XMOS down! Even though it's only Flashing LED's, but that's half the fun! lol And I think the hardest part for me was understanding where I'm able to use C, and where I need to use XC.. well, and the Ports were a bit confusing as well!

Hopefully you'll make your trek back to XMOS sooner or later! :)