New xCORE-XA device with ARM Cortex M3

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Ah apparently the Giant series is actually the Giant Gecko series.
The gecko image wasn't obvious enough for me...
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Well you can still implement a memory controler in the xmos chip and use it to interface to external memory. The big memorys are DRAM based anyway so they need a controller to interface them to the memory bus anyway. But there is still the question how many address lines the EBI interface has and how many pins you got on the chip to talk to a large external memory since you need some pins left for the rest of your application.

Then again if you want a ARM with a external memory interface there are tons and tons of them around (Pretty much all are BGA tho, but i have a feeling this xmos chip is going to be too)

I worked on ARM+FPGA stuff before it was awesome. Being able to write your fancy ultra high speed peripheral or coprocessor in Verilog and just stick it in to the ARMs memory space.