Announcing the Tutorials Section

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Announcing the Tutorials Section

Postby phalt » Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:22 am

Today we finished updating the old wiki to give it new life and meaning.

The first step in doing this, as you will no doubt have noticed, is renaming the link across the board from wiki to tutorials.

I should emphasise that this does not mean it is no longer being used as a traditional wiki. If anything this revamp should allow it to be used as a collaboration and community tool even better now that it has been given a real goal.

New structure

The wiki has been laid out so that tutorials can be placed in areas they are relevant to.

For example:
A tutorial for XC basics can be placed under Programming/Tools -> XC tutorials
A tutorial for making XC-1A play the imperial march can be placed under Boards/Ref Designs -> XC-1A

Please read the Rules and Regulations if you ever get confused about how to post new content and for tips on how to link it correctly.

Your contribution

The wiki has been redesigned to help the community share knowledge better and make it easier to learn from each other.
As such: we ask you spend time contributing any notes, guides or code snippets you may have written yourself so that others may benefit from it.
We'd really like to see people using the wiki as a one stop place to grab common knowledge and use it as a learning resource.
We'd really like the community to be a part of that as you all know the hurdles and bits you found tricky when you were learning.

New Badge!

As part of the revamped wiki launch, we are also introducing a new award: the Open Source Contribution badge.


Like the badges seen for P.O.T.M, these are displayed on your profile for all to see.
The badge has many ways of being won:
  • Contributing useful guides to the tutorials wiki
  • Helping to maintain the tutorials wiki
  • Contributing or uploading your code to the XCore github project

we currently do not have any plans for prizes for Tutorials contribution, yet.

Future plans

phalt will personally be making maintenance of the wiki one of his major focuses for the next few weeks.
If you have any queries or suggestions then message him on his profile page - phalt

Now go and get your tutorials on the wiki!!
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Postby jason » Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:19 pm

Cool - one thing - theme for footer has CSS error - goes back to white rather than retaining grey. Compare with any other page on site that is not on wiki to see what I mean.

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