Eclipse setup issue in Mac OS - Eclipse cannot find XCC in the path

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Eclipse setup issue in Mac OS - Eclipse cannot find XCC in the path

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I have been following this tutorial to set up Eclipse for XCC: ... index.html

So far I have managed to install XTools and on the terminal I can invoke the

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xcc -version
command and verify the package is working (I have even managed to run a file with sim successfully).

However Eclipse does not seem to be able to find the XCC tools despite following the tutorial. The steps I have made so far:

1. Xtools installed and runs on Terminal

2. Created the necessary files as per the tutorial Image

3. In Properties of the project, in the Presporcessor includes, macros tab I have adjusted the “Command to get compiler specs” to read:

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xcc $FLAGS -march=xs2a -E -P -vv -dD "$INPUTS"

4. Still in Properties (project), I have unticked “Use default build command” and set “Build command” to bash

5. Finally set the external toolchain to select the bash script

When I finally try to build the project, I get this error on the console:

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11:02:46 **** Incremental Build of configuration Default for project single-tile ****
"bash" all 
Cannot run program "bash": Unknown reason

Error: Program "bash" not found in PATH

11:02:46 Build Failed. 1 errors, 0 warnings. (took 3ms)
May I add, I have ran the setenv script and the xcc tools work fine on the Terminal. What am I missing?

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Post by RitchRock »

To confirm, you have gone through the following steps? ... index.html