Initial steps for build

Technical questions regarding the XTC tools and programming with XMOS.
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Initial steps for build

Post by teemo »

Hi friends!

My initial steps in development with Xcore. :)

Final Target: USB Audio with UAC2 for SPDIF I/O (I2S is good, but not a priority). ❤️
First Target: build any functional audio example to understand how it works. 👍

I have gathering dust this cheap card with an XS1 with only I2S output. *yes, it works.
Removed unnecessary components for operation, and to check connections. 😀
Flash Memory according to the design guide.
XTAL diagram is attached.
first question: It's possible to use this board to develop/test the firmware? *Say yes please! 😅
Evidently this board does not have exposed pins for spdif/i2s input, the intention is just to check the detection in the operating system, etc..
It would make me more relaxed to develop the final pcb later.

Well I've been trying...
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Generated the file: app_usb_aud_xk_u8_2c_2ioxs.xe

But... I don't have an XTAG. 😔

second question: How to generate the binary to write directly to the flash from file.xe? *CH341A flash SPI 25 series

I tried:

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xflash app_usb_aud_xk_u8_2c_2ioxs.xe -o firmware.bin


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xflash app_usb_aud_xk_u8_2c_2ioxs.xe --noinq -o firmware.bin

I don't know how to proceed after that. 😔
Can anyone answer these questions?

best regards.
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Post by mmar »

Q1: U8 2C is your XS1 type ? Yes then yes you can test.
Q2: add --boot-partition-size 131072