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Removing an already existing project using XTC

Post by karthik »

Hi there,
I am trying to remove a static library from my XMOS project names 'module_xud'. I have included a new module as its replacement. I've removed module_xud from the makefile but when it compiles I can still see 'module_xud' being included. I removed the library from the project but its till the same. I deleted the project source code from the work location directory and I get an error stating the 'module_xud is missing' and the error generates from a file from the installation path of the IDE itself. I am using XTC 13.2.3.

Is there any other setting file where I will have to exclude the module?
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Post by TSC »

Try to search the entire workspace for "module_xud". Menu -> Search -> Search. Scope: Workspace

Try to do a 'clean'. Menu -> Project -> Clean.
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Post by MaximLiadov »

Removing files from HDD doesnt work, that's Ok. Project is a database that contains many things inside it. Go to your Project Property (press right mouse button and select Property from menu). Links to the old module still there. You can remove it manually. But you'd better remove module from the project explorer in correct way. Then use Clean Project from menu (that's obvious).
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Post by CousinItt »

Each of the libraries included in your project will have its own "makefile" called module_build_info. They can call up other modules independently of the parent project.

Check them and you may find a line like this:
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Post by Alinavox »

Hi all, I copied all .mul files to UO path folder and didnt work. My map files are .uop. Do I need to convert the .mul files do .uop? If yes how can I do that,