AN00121 & AN00122 Webserver on XCore-200 Multichannel Audio Platform

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AN00121 & AN00122 Webserver on XCore-200 Multichannel Audio Platform

Postby RitchRock » Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:45 pm


I want to build in some simple control via a webserver to my next project. Does anyone have a working example for the xCore-200 multichannel audio EVM? I've so far been unsuccessful to test the various supplied apps.

First I started with this:
I import the project and required libraries into a clean workspace and change the target to the XE-216-512-TQ128.

For the upd demo, I build successfully, but get the following Warnings:
Should these assignments change? The documentation says to reference ethernet_board_support.h header, but that is no where to be found.

When I run this program, it seems to run, but nothing is printed to the terminal like the app note suggests.

For the simple_webserver I'm still trying to resolve build configuration errors. I haven't actually seen this yet when working on my various XMOS projects: Valid build configurations are:

Code: Select all

13:08:04 **** Incremental Build of configuration ECHO for project app_simple_webserver ****
xmake CONFIG=ECHO all 
Invalid build configuration: ECHO
ECHO is off.
Valid build configurations are: 
C:/Program Files (x86)/XMOS/xTIMEcomposer/Community_14.4.1/build/xcommon/module_xcommon/build/Makefile.common:183: *** Invalid configuration.  Stop.

13:08:05 Build Finished (took 260ms) 
So looking around some more, I decided to download the AN00122 Example from built-in xTime Composer panel. Now I get the same warnings as above and the program successfully builds. When I run I get the following:

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So, per the app note docs it looks like I'm not getting to the point where the dhcp value is dynamically allocated.

Besides just getting the above to run on my hardware, am I looking at the more current and correct examples to tie this into my project?
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Postby RitchRock » Tue Aug 11, 2020 5:31 pm

OK, part of the problem is that there are many threads on this with varying versions of the libraries. Sorry if I'm covering ground that's already been discussed. Here are some libraries and examples I've found —which one(s) to use with xCore-200 Multichannel audio EVM? ... _webserver ... emo-Webapp ... ion=latest ... extensions

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