Hello from Portland, Oregon!

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Hello from Portland, Oregon!

Post by Freykin »

I'm Christopher Street, a programmer for Echo Digital Audio. I've recently been learning how to code in xc for one of our products, along with learning some assembly, so figured it was time I made an account on somewhere like here. I've been working with the XS1-L8 and the XE216-512-TQ128 chips so far.

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Welcome Christopher, I don't know much about audio specifically but there are plenty of folks down here who do! I do however have some experience with more general XC stuff like others here.
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Post by Ross »

Welcome :)
Andy Syltebo
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Greetings Christopher!
Hi Folknology and Ross too!

I'm Andy from Bellingham, WA so not too far from ya. I'm new to this as well but share the same xe216-512 platform. I'm developing a DAC using XMOS for signal conversion, DSP, and I2C dac control using a Cirrus CS4398. I have the xCORE-200 Dev board. So far so good...

It'll be a stand alone unit for listening enjoyment. Input: coax and optical SPDIF and usb. Output: Single ended RCA.
Op Amp output stage so far, but hybrid/tube is an interesting idea...
I've put a lot of consideration into power supply...

I build speakers and amps too so if anyone is interested in more audio conversations, hit me up...