Phantom Private Message??

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Phantom Private Message??

Post by snoopy »

Just curious if anyone else got an email from xcore saying they have a private message from :?: dmar4k :?: but then nothing is there?

That username doesn't even seem to be on the users list :?


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Post by Vaati »

I think they deleted their account after spamming everyone... They simply sent out what seemed to be a google translated message with messed up words asking for "please talk email better" or some such garbled nonsense.

However, I managed to reply to them before they did so, saying this:

Welcome to the XCore forums! I, too, hope to meet more new people here and learn about the architecture and programming of XMOS devices and related technologies.
However, I'm not quite sure what you're asking of me. I myself am new here, so it would be advantageous for you to concisely explain things to me so as to convey information in the most effective manner.

:lol: I wonder if that's a concise enough way to say things... :shock:
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Post by ale500 »

That seems to solve the mistery :) (I got 2 emails)
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Post by leon_heller »

Same here!
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Post by jason »

This user was indeed a spammer - so their account has now been deleted. Any associated content will have been deleted too (such as messages they tried to send you).