What is the most creative thing you could make in 1 day?

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Post by segher »

If I knew what I would do that day, it wouldn't be creative.

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Post by Heater »

But 8 of you in parallel can sure accomplish quite a bit
Err...no. Eight of me working in parallel would be total chaos. It's bad enough with just one:)
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Post by ale500 »

You will be accomplishing quite a bit of chaos :) that's more than many :D
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Post by Skeksis »

Sorry for resurrecting an old(ish) topic but it tickled my fancy.

Off the top of my head, I'd build a piezoelectric xylophone! You'd be hard pressed to grow piezoelectric crystals in a day but with a concentrated enough solution you should be able to get a couple of small ones, the rest would just be assigning pins & listening for spikes, amplifying the AC if need be, hooking up a speaker & assigning tones for each crystal key. :mrgreen:

Nice & over-kill.
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