What can you do on an XMOS processor in 1 microsecond?

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What can you do on an XMOS processor in 1 microsecond?

Post by jason »

Following a recent tweet I received, I am quite interested in finding out what you guys think too - what can you achieve in 1 microsecond using XMOS?

Post your best answers below :-)

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Post by bearcat »

On an L1 in 1uS:

25 FIR Taps @ 32 bits
+ 11.2 IIR's @ 32 bits
+ some I/O
+ some XLINK
+ some time left
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Post by deviljelly »

so...being a newbie.... I have a 100-200 byte message I need to get in and out of the core over IP... with a little bit if inspection and maybe routing.... possible?
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Post by XMatt »

timer t;
unsigned x;
t :> x;
t when timerafter(x+100) :> void;
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Post by waluigi »

XMatt wrote:timer t;
unsigned x;
t :> x;
t when timerafter(x+100) :> void;
Everyone knows that'll take longer than a microsecond.
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Post by ale500 »

I can ouput 25 pixels of a 640x480 driver either bit-mapped or text :)
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Post by paul »

125 instructions (500 if you are using all the threads!) - L1

And if you are using a G4 you can generate 2 microjoules.

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Post by MuellerNick »

Philosopher's answer:
On an XMOS, you can watch 8 µs going by within 1 µs.

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Post by segher »

In one microsecond, on one thread, you can do more than a thousandth of a
2048-bit public RSA en/decryption (one and a half time as much, even).

Or you can send one ninth of a bit at standard UART rates.
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Post by snowman »

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#pragma loop unroll
for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
  c :> int;
Of course optimisation level is at least 1 and c is a streaming channel.