Possible spammer emailed me from this site

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Possible spammer emailed me from this site

Post by Chuckt »

I've been offline for a while and haven't used the forums but I received a private message on this board from someone and I believe it is a spammer under the guise of seeking a relationship.

I'll fork over the email to a moderator for investigation. I'll cut and paste it. I was looking around for the forum rules and I didn't find any. I was looking at the moderator profiles in order to email someone but didn't see any way to email anyone.

If someone gets in touch with me, I will let the moderators handle it.

Anyway, I'm married so I don't need or want a relationship with anybody and haven't at all been looking.

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Post by ale500 »


I also got a PM yesterday evening from someone looking for something not xmos related.... I thought someone had a new board :(

You can PM Jason, I'll do it too.
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Post by vipin »

Even I got this pm. I already blocked the user.
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Post by lilltroll »

Only "Super" Admins can delete users, but you may press block until they have been removed from the system.
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Post by jason »

This user has now been removed. Thanks guys.