Xmos rocket wins first place in utah competition

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Xmos rocket wins first place in utah competition

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Since my first post, we have built an amazing rocket to launch in the ESRA competition. The rocket won first place reaching 9920 feet. The goal was to reach the closest to 10000 feet. Our avionic module was unmatched with its great electronics.

The xmos goal for this launch was to relay data taken by the avionic module back to the ground station for real time data transmission with the xtend transmitter. The transmitted data was displayed on an interface made with Processing. This data is essential to position the rocket and predict its landing. Also, if somethings goes wrong, this data can be useful to understand the situation. If needed, it is possible to remotely bail out the parachutes. The xmos was also in charge of taking remote commands from the ground station. In order to not tire our transmitters, the xmos would not transmit data unless it is commanded to.

For this first launch, the xmos goal was a little trivial, but we are planning to make it calculate results from data before sending it to the ground station. For instance, we would like to predict exactly from the data where the rocket will land. I expect this feature to be ready for our Fall season test launch. If possible, it would be cool for the xmos to be able to adjust the rocket trajectory to reach the closest to 10000 feet of altitude. That feature could possibly be ready for May test launch.

The uart code we used for the xmos is joined to this post.
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this is really great. congratulations too!
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Congratulations :)
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even more congratulations
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That is awesome news, well done!