How would you classify XMOS?

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How would you classify XMOS?

Post by yzoer »

Microcontroller? Microprocessor? Multicore processor?

Considering it's so versatile / powerful, I have a hard time calling it a microconroller... Just wondering what everyone else thinks :-)


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Post by Gravis »

i gave this topic some serious thought and i would call it a microcontroller because it has everything it needs to function as an independent system. as for being powerful, there are ARM chips that are also powerful but are still classified as microcontrollers as they too can function on their own.

the hardware threading and multiple cores are features but like multicore cpus, they are still classified as microprocessors. to include the threading, i would call it a threadcontroller. however, i wouldnt say it has multiple cores, i would say it has networked cores because multicore processors cant really communicate with each other. however, IBM described their design as being a cell processor. to include all the features, i would call it a cell threadcontroller.

however, it's still a microcontroller.