Any recommended VHDL/Verilog books/resources?

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Any recommended VHDL/Verilog books/resources?

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I have only a little background in VHDL, having done a module during my Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree, and would like to pick it up again. It has been a little over a year since I last touched it and I never had a totally extensive knowledge, anyway. So, let's assume I want to learn from the ground up and if I remember bits as I go along that's just a bonus. I definitely want to learn VHDL but any resource that teaches Verilog, in situ, would be great.

So, what books/resources would you recommend to get going?


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Rapid Prototyping of Digital Circuits by Hamblen, Hall and Furman is good for VHDL and Altera devices and software. It's something of a cookbook, but has loads of interesting projects. Get the latest Quartus II edition and don't pay the full price - Amazon has used copies.

Cheap Altera Cyclone boards are available from several Chinese suppliers on Ebay.
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