Recommended Books?

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Recommended Books?

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Just wondered if anybody could recommend any particularly interesting books within the arena of electronics/software engineering/etc. Basically, those interests shared by many here! I'm not after dry reference guides (unless they are must haves) or straight-forward language guides/tutorials (I'm sure everybody already knows about K&R!), but things more along the lines of Hacker's Delight (as recommended by MaxFlashrom in an earlier thread [Which Program Flow?]).

Indeed, it was the above recommendation that generated the interest in this question to begin with!

So, anything interesting out there that you could recommend?


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Post by Woody »

I rather like "High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic" by Howard Johnson. It basically explains how to overcome analog effects in digital circuits.
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Post by Corin »

This is indeed a good book, as I even have a copy on my desk!

Another good book (primarily for analogue electronics) is the classic "The Art Of Electronics" by Horowitz & Hill ( - although it's getting a bit long in tooth (printed in 1989!) - there should be a third edition out soon(ish).

For digital logic design - the "Fundamentals of Logic Design" by Roth is quite good (

Furthermore, have a look at the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" sections for some more pointers to good books...