parallelism is not concurrency

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parallelism is not concurrency

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I think there is a lot to learn from this!

I realy like the abstraction of dependent calculations. It sounds quite familar with that was XC does with it's channels - in a much simpler way.

Would be very interesting to implement a automated scheduler based on this. Unfortunately got currently not enough time at hand.

I think such an implementation would be one (very) specific solution for the channel protocol & parallelism problem of XC. Evn though it would not make everything possible that is possible with XC it would make a lot of things easier:

- There are calculations which need data and produce data
- A schedule tracks which calcuation has enough data to to start and triggers it.
- The 'data' would be an abstraction for a communication protocol over channels.

In your calculation you do not have to deal with channels & protocols. Sounds like an easy abstraction to me. But I do not want to be the person implementing the abstraction. A horrible amount of work ;)