Group Owners + Members - Claim your Wiki page now!

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Group Owners + Members - Claim your Wiki page now!

Post by jason »

If you are the admin of a group (or a member of a group) on - all groups now have a link to their own Wiki page. Huzzah!

Click the button linking to the group's wiki page (see your group page for this new button) and create the page to start populating it.

This means groups can have their own Wiki entry should they want to provide one for all their members to contribute to. It could even link to other wiki pages that are relevant - which makes finding relevant tutorials/topics really easy as it would all be available from the click of a button from the group you are interested in.

NOTE: if you change you change your groups title, it will point to a different wiki entry by default - I will be adding support to overwrite this in the future when you click edit group (group admins only), but for now please be aware of this. Same goes for projects too.
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Post by Folknology »

Nice one Jason