possibility of using xtag for command line interface

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possibility of using xtag for command line interface

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Traditionally, we have used a uart to send serial data to a CLI application such as zterm to send and receive command line data. We use this for things like setting a device's mac address, serial number, querying state of various processes, etc at runtime.

Would it be possible to use the xtag for this application? I know such things are possible using a traditional jtag. It would be great if we could use the xtag interface as a service port rather than having to do things on a dedicated uart line.

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Hi Mike Cole
there might be a solution with this library:
https://github.com/xcore/sc_xscope_supp ... t_shared.c

this gives the possibility to read/write over the socket and to interact with xscope

let us know if you succeeded