Generate and update factory image, replace factory with dfu

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Generate and update factory image, replace factory with dfu

Postby twittich » Fri Mar 13, 2020 2:08 pm

I'm working with "VocalFusion 4-mic mono-AEC circular dev kit" and use the "vfk_spk_base" and the build "1i2o2_circ43_48khz + control and dfu" .
As the title says is it possible to replace the factory image by an update through dfu?
At the moment i have the my image flashed with xtag and if i send it again via dfu its then an upgrade image. So i have twice the same image.
Is there a minimal factory image with just the dfu/update functionality and then i will flash my firmware as an upgrade image or what could be a good way ?

Thanks in advance
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Postby ffomich » Mon Mar 30, 2020 11:14 am

Hi twittich,
I work with USB Audio project but the main idea is the same.
I burn into the FLASH 3 items: Loader + "factory" firmware image with DFU + current firmware image (with or without DFU). The Loader polls the button state on the board at the power-up and boots either "factory" or current firmware. The "factory" firmware image is non-overwritable via DFU. Usually, I upgrade the current firmware. If my board becomes a brick after the DFU upgrade I can switch button, boot "factory" firmware and flash the correct current firmware via DFU without xTAG.

My xflash command is:

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xflash --factory app_fact_dfu.xe 0x10000 --loader loader.xc --boot-partition-size 0x40000 --verbose --target-file "myBoard.xn" --upgrade 1 app_cur.xe
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