XN file changes relating to boot flash devices

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XN file changes relating to boot flash devices

Postby CousinItt » Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:00 pm

Hi all,

is there any chance we'll see an updated XN file specification soon? I'm now using xTC 14.4.1 and I've noticed the following changes relating to boot flash devices:

You should now specify flash_qe_location_status_reg and flash_qe_bit_6 instead of quad_spi_qe_location_status_reg and quad_spi_qe_bit_6.

You get this warning (with the verbose switch on) from xflash:
Warning: F03150 The use of libquadflash will be deprecated from XFLASH in xTIMEcomposer 15.0.0.
Please add the PageSize, SectorSize and NumPages attributes to your External Device definitions in your target XN file to enable the use of lib_flash.
The new XN files included with xTC show examples of those attributes.

More devices are supported (see ...\xTIMEcomposer\Community_14.4.1\target\include\QuadSpecMacros.h) but it seems the names of devices in the XN file don't need to correspond exactly. For example: ISSI_IS25LQ016B is defined in the header, but the XN file can contain Type="S25LQ016B"

Is anyone aware of other changes relating to XN files?

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