Read 8 buffered ports at the same time

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Try the following and post your results:

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//port config:
           on tile[0] : clock clk = XS1_CLKBLK_1;
           on tile[0] : in port p_clk_in = XS1_PORT_1I;//using  external AD CLK
           on tile[0] : in port p_rd = XS1_PORT_1J;// DATA READY SIGNAL
           on tile[0] : in buffered port:32 chan_1 = XS1_PORT_1L;//DATA CHANNEL
           on tile[0] : in buffered port:32 chan_2 = XS1_PORT_1K;
           on tile[0] : in buffered port:32 chan_3 = XS1_PORT_1M;
           on tile[0] : in buffered port:32 chan_4 = XS1_PORT_1N;
           on tile[0] : in buffered port:32 chan_5 = XS1_PORT_1O;

void sample_1_3(unsigned char k)
                chan_1:> valdata1[k];
                chan_2:> valdata2[k];
                chan_3:> valdata3[k];

void sample_4_5(unsigned char k)
                chan_4:> valdata4[k];
                chan_5:> valdata5[k];

          //wait for data ready signal which last about 40ns. it's not enough.

                case p_rd  when  pinsneq(0):> cmd:
                on tile[0]:  sample_1_3(k);
                on tile[0]:  sample_4_5(k);

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Post by akp »

The data interface would work well with a multi-channel TDM slave implementation. lib_i2s doesn't have that at present to my knowledge (just master), but you could use slave I2S to get an idea how to do it. The I2S slave code could probably be modified to get the 8 x 1 channel rather than 8 x stereo that it's designed for now.