XC-1A not responding on OS X

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XC-1A not responding on OS X

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I just wanted to strt with the tutorials. But unfortunately I am not able to run the programs. My XC-1A devices does not show up an the device list in 'Run Configurations'.

The devices list stay empty. The device is connected via USB. And it is powered, LEDs are blinking and it looks good ;)

But how does I select the serial port? Is an installed FTDI dirver a problem or helping?

The FTDI connection seems to be working. It appears in the network tabs (and is unconfigured).

For what do I ahve to look? How do I ensure that the XDE is trying to talk to the device? How do I see why it does not find my device?

Update: It is an Mac OS X 10.6 snow leopard. I am running XDE 9.9.2, installed the latest FTDI driver (in case an older one lead to trouble). No success yet.

Thanks for your help

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Post by XMatt »

See this thread for information about problems with FTDI and OSX, hopefully this will resolve your problem.