AN00231_ASRC_SPDIF_TO_DAC bug - fixed

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AN00231_ASRC_SPDIF_TO_DAC bug - fixed

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I have found the bug in the AN00231_ASRC_SPDIF_TO_DAC example project.

This bug produces N*samples shift between left & right output channels after ASRC.
For example, after ASRC 48kHz->48kHz the left channel is ahead of the right one by 1 sample.

Bug fix:
in the function
void serial2block(server serial_transfer_push_if i_serial_in, client block_transfer_if i_block_transfer[ASRC_N_INSTANCES], server sample_rate_enquiry_if i_input_rate)

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if (chan_idx == ASRC_CHANNELS_PER_INSTANCE - 1) buff_idx++; //Move index when all channels received

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if (chan_idx == ASRC_CHANNELS_PER_INSTANCE) buff_idx++; //Move index when all channels received
Also I have created new issue here:
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Appreciate you taking the time to report this AND making a pull request. Will process shortly.