New C library available

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New C library available

Post by xsamc »

We've been developing a pure C library to allow users to program xCORE devices directly from C.
The key features are:
  • Support for channel and streaming channels. This includes full interoperability with xC channels and the ability to write custom channel protocols
  • Support for ports and clock blocks
  • Support for timers
  • Support for events so that xC ‘select’ functionality can be implemented
  • Support for hardware locks
We'd love to hear what you think of it - it's available on GitHub, and a PDF of the documentation is attached to this post.

This library is a work in progress, and we hope to add more functionality to it in the coming months, including:
  • Interrupt handlers
  • Task spawning
  • Full worked examples
The current usage examples have been developed in the form of tests, and are all included as subfolders in the tests/ directory.

If you have any issues or feature requests, it's best to submit them via a GitHub Issue so that we can track them.

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Post by Folknology »

Wow, well done guys this is really cool, I am going to have a play and see what it feels like in 'C'...

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Post by infiniteimprobability »

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