Looking for a device with mutiple MEMS mic inputs

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Looking for a device with mutiple MEMS mic inputs

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I am looking for an XCore device on which I can plug multiple MEMS mics via I2S interface and the device can transfer the PCM audio data to PC through USB. Later, for example, I can use Matlab on the PC to do the sampling of multiple MEMS mics and further processing.

I am very new to Xcore deives, so can you plz recommend one for me?
Thank you in advance.

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Hello. You have a few choices here on the main web page:


These are the latest devices based on the XCORE-200 foundation.

Not an employee of XMOS so best to post your requirements for the best guidance. However, have learned that for example, this kit:


is for use with background music cancellation using onboard XMOS IP to remove music that may be blasting while you attempt to say a trigger word. One of the MEMS microphones is listening for that audio stream to remove from the stream.

The processors and related costs do vary with the functions you are seeking due to the included license with the component purchase so you may find other models to be more suitable for your project:

http://www.xmos.com/products/voice/voca ... r-circular
* if you plan to place the audio pickup board on a table and the speaker could be at any angle in the room


http://www.xmos.com/products/voice/voca ... ker-linear
* if you plan to place your widget as a wall mounted unit