[USB-Audio INFO] xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT or xCORE Multi-Channel AUDIO

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[USB-Audio INFO] xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT or xCORE Multi-Channel AUDIO

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently developping a multi-channel audio device with an audio codec from Cirrus Logic(CS42448), my goal with this codec is to transmit 6 audio streams by USB in order to make real-time audio processing.
The CS42448 is able to transmit digital audio streams by I2S on 3 DATA LINES or by TDM on one data line in 24bits.

In order to design a USB Bridge, my researchs led me to the xCORE-200 Microcontrollers family and the developpement boards associated but i'm still hesiting between the xCORE eXplorer KIT and the xCORE Multi-Channel AUDIO KIT.
I already made a card with my Audio CODEC working so I just need a developpement card with digital audio I/O and the libraries for I2S/TDM proccesing and USB Audio Class 2 Device design.

Is the xCORE eXplorer KIT a good choice for this purpose ?


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