Technical discussions related to any XMOS development kit or reference design. Eg XK-1A, sliceKIT, etc.
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Hello. Initiated by request by martinh, our company has been in development of a line of XMOS SOM modules with the first version to be based on the XEF232 device. This module features the required onboard power supply + Gigabit Ethernet PHY for the 2 respective ports (either or both Gigabit interfaces can be disabled to allow for native IO pin interfacing with the processors). Ethernet ports are ESD + transient voltage and current protected. This module is based on the industry standard DDR4 288 pin DIMM socket and we plan to offer a breakout 'motherboard' for quick testing of the SOM. Focus is to remove the complexity of the SMD parts that would normally be required for the XMOS devices. Respectively, we are considering to offer similar SOM modules with different XMOS CPU devices / port permutations.

Sound interesting ? What would you like to see on the SOM ? On the target 'motherboard' to mate with this SOM ?

Welcome all feedback.




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Kumar that looks very cool indeed, personally I haven't really used SOM's myself as most projects I am involved in require custom whole boards, but that is sure one powerful Xmos based module...

P.S. A SOM based approach may be useful for quick development on some of my projects. Like most things when you engage on a new project you take a look around to see what's available to get you there fast, thus in some cases the SOM route could be advantageous.

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Hi there,
We could be interested in that part for sure! For rapid prototyping and low volume builds, that could be really handy.

Here's what I'd like to see:

* Audio clock generation on board (perhaps including the CS2100-CP)
* easy power structure. perhaps just apply 3.3V or 5V, and everything just works.
* schematics available. In large volume (more than a few hundred), it's quite possible it would be better to build a full custom board and not use modules.

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Breaking out as many of the gpio pins as possible would be nice. Some user LEDs and buttons. Power supply header. I'm not sure what else, but some way to display some data, LEDs, and some way to have very basic input, buttons, would be nice.
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Hello Kumar,
Which is the state of the SoM project?
I'm currently very interested in similar device for low volume production of a new design.