Reference schematic?

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Reference schematic?

Post by yzoer »

Hi all!

Are there any reference schematics for the XU208-128-TQ64-C10 version? In ye olden days there were some really kick-ass minimal reference designs that I used to create my own versions but I can't seem to find any.


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Hello Yvo. The requested device is from the new xCORE-200 series of processors. A specific design with this core appears to be in the witness protection program but you will be fine to review the xCORE-200 Explorer Kit for all of the juicy tidbits. Basically stitch the desired ports present on your TQFP-64 package like shown for the same ports on the xCORE-200 Explorer kit and you will be fine.

See the hardware manual for the xCORE-200 kit here:

The schematics for the xCORE-200 kit are posted here:

xCORE-200 Explorer Kit Schematics

Also, something new is the ability to use some port configurations even though the same port is in use in the background - see this portmap (valid for the xCORE-200 processors):

xCORE-200 Port Map

Do you plan to use the USB function on this device ? If yes, then the clock must be 12 or 24 Mhz to allow for proper framing of the USB traffic. See page 13 of the respective datasheet.