burn SPI wthout XLB in XSYS - is it possible? or XLB in XSY?

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burn SPI wthout XLB in XSYS - is it possible? or XLB in XSY?

Postby EnSerg » Mon May 05, 2014 11:03 am

In my design I use XS1-L8-64-TQ128.
I want to use 32-bit port for input 24-bit input. Some pins are not usable (XLC).

In that case:
- pins for XSYS header (2-wire link) may be ohnly X0D16,X0D17,X0D18,X0D18 (XLB).
- pins for boot SPI can i assign to X0D12, X0D13, X0D34, X0D35 (1-bit port).

See my design for details -xmos_01.pdf

My Question is:
For burn FLASH SPI for boot:
- can i use my pins for SPI with modify .xn?
- can i use pins LinkB(XLB 2-wire) for XSYS header?
- burn SPI wthout XLB in XSYS - is it possible?

Thanks for help.
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Postby Bianco » Mon May 05, 2014 1:39 pm

The xCONNECT Link on the XSYS header is optional and currently only used for xSCOPE.
You should be able to use any two-bit link or leave it unconnected if you don't have spare link or don't intend to use xSCOPE. Therefore burning the SPI flash does not depend on the xCONNECT Link on the XSYS header.

Keep in mind that you are using non default pins for the SPI flash, if you intend to boot the chip from it you will need a custom flash loader burned into OTP, because the boot ROM will always use X0D00, X0D01, X0D10, X0D11.

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