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Technical discussions around xCORE processors (e.g. General Purpose (L/G), xCORE-USB, xCORE-Analog, xCORE-XA).
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Jerry wrote:Another recent option is DesignSpark PCB.

This seems to be a free variant of Easy-PC without the usual board size or pin number limitations of programs like Eagle. It supposedly can read Eagle libraries. I've heard that DesignSpark PCB is RS' (a UK components distributor) response to Farnell's purchase of CadSoft (the makers of Eagle).

I've started a Xmos Library project for DesignSpark PCB.


It turns out that, although DesignSpark PCB is a bespoke version of Easy-PC you can't directly use or import Easy-PC libraries or designs. :(

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Post by rp181 »

Here is the 144 BGA, as well as some others!

Would appreciate if someone looked over it.
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Post by JasonWhiteman »

I'd recommend the Windows version of kicad over Eagle. XMOS have libraries for most if not all their chips.
I've been searching for the library sch/footprint for XS1-L8A-64-LQ64-C4 and haven't dug one up yet or a suitable start. I'd prefer to fork off of something from XMOS because I would assume the source part would already have a full project wrapped around it (schematic/layout).

Jason Whiteman
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Post by lilltroll »

Is their any updated footprints for OrCAD regarding the new U series L2 ?

Where is the footprint section at xmos.com, I cannot find it anymore. Seems to be a missing link.