XMOS driver to record in DAW

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XMOS driver to record in DAW

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Hopefully this question is not totally misplaced on this forum.

I installed the XMOS-XS1-U8 MFA, which was included when I bought the Mission Engineering Gemini 1.
I'm trying to record with ableton live. Unfortunately, no sound coming in.

- I follow the manual, enable Gemini as audio device in "control panel". Now I get the message from ableton "Failed to open XMOS...".
- I unable Gemini in control panel. In this case I can open the driver in Ableton.

In both cases I get sound out, but I am unable to record as no sound is coming in.

Any advice? I have been struggeling with this for weeks..

Jeroen Van Ranst

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Hello Jeroen. You do not offer the details of your computer system.

Are you on Windows or Apple?

If on Windows, which operating system?

What does your Device Manager show once you dock this audio widget?

Can you also download and install the following tool for similar testing?


Is the product not under warranty? The vendor should be able to steer you straight on the use of their design but please post the details of the above raised questions.