record audio on XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB into .wav file

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record audio on XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB into .wav file

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I am trying to record music and manually playback it under the control of button on XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB. According to AN00162 example, the audio can be loopbacked on XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB. So can we record audio and then persistently store the data on board or transfer it to USB device, into .wave file?


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Post by maxmatteo »

i guess it should be possible to save audio onto an via SPI attached SD card as an example.
passing a wav file through usb directly is not possible.
its gonna be raw audio as soundccard -> then save/record on host device
or even persist on storage(sd) and then enumerate as usb storage, but dont really know if this has been done with xmos before.