Question about xConnect link on XE232

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Question about xConnect link on XE232

Postby psebastiani » Tue Jul 14, 2020 7:10 am

Dear All,
I wrote this post because I have a doubt. The XE232 processor (and all 32 tile processors) are made by 2 for 16 tile processors and are linked together with a series of xconnect link as explained in the image below:
Now I have more question about this:
1) Are this type of connection managed automatically when I use a channel communication between core that are in SIDE-A and SIDE_B?
2) If I connect flash memory on xcore[0], the xcore[2] and xcore[3] boot correctly without any direct reference on the .XN file? Or I must explain this type of link in tha .XN file?
3) If I want to use only this internal link between SIDE_A and SIDE_B, I must use externally (for other pourpose) all the other pins that have xlink function?
4) Where I can find an example of .XN file for XE232 processor?
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