Max number of PDM microphones XUF216

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Max number of PDM microphones XUF216

Postby SGapp » Mon May 04, 2020 5:13 pm

Hello everyone,
I am designing an interface for 32 PDM microphones that should be streamed to a host computer via USB. The host computer takes care of the data processing (e.g. DoA).
I want to use the "Microphone array library" ... .1rc1).pdf . According to the "Features" on page one, the library supports 16 PDM interfaces per tile. Later in the "Overview" section, in Fig. 3 there is an example for up to 16 channels.
As I understand a single PDM data line can carry the data of two PDM microphones. My question is: When the user guide mentions 16 PDM interfaces, does this mean you can connect two microphones per interface (thus 32 microphones in total) or is the library designed for one microphone per PDM interface?

I am not sure which device is capable of handling 32 microphones. According to this post: here, the XUF216 is capable of doing so but is close to its limits.
This discussion here recommends a four tile device, which would be at least the XUF224.
I would prefer the XUF216 since it comes in an TQ128 package which is easier to solder and also to debug.

Any help and hints are highly appreciated. Thanks!
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Postby mon2 » Tue May 05, 2020 12:45 pm

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