What is the specification of "XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB"?

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Shota.Sato wrote: Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:58 am Hello,
I tring to record music using "Xcore-200 Multichannel Audio Platform(XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB)".
I could to record music, but the recorded music has the following problems.
1. Volume is very low.(Volume of recorded music is less than half of source.)
2. Wavelength shift 0.2 milliseconds per 6 seconds.
3. Sound skipping at 60 nanoseconds occures about three times during 2 minutes.
I'm now investigating these causes.

Although there are many possible causes ,What is the above 2nd and 3rd in the product specification?
The recording environment is as follows.
1. Connection environment
DesktopPC(Input) -----> XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB -----> Android Phone <----- Another PC
*DesktopPC and XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB are connected by 3.5mm stereo jacks.(Cable length is 50 cm)
*XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB and Android phone are connected by usb2.0. (Cable length is 15 cm)
*Android Phone and Another PC are connected by wifi.

2. Source file
Sampling Rate:48kHz
Quantization bit rate:16bit

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Hi, I am also trying to record audio data on XK-AUDIO-216-MC-AB but I can't achieve that at present.Would it be fine if you could share the project as a reference?
Also, I want to make sure where we can store the audio data except the flash memory after receiving the signal.