how to start learning XVF3500 with simple examples

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how to start learning XVF3500 with simple examples

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i currently bought the XVF3500 stereo kit, however. there is no simple examples which is targeted for XVF3500, such as the "flashing LED", or "simple GPIO" example, because no target in the Makefile which is appropriate for XVF3500.
if i want to use the XVF3500 in simple example, what should i do to change the example Makefile? is there any document on how to create target for XVF3500 stereo kit?


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Hi. Believe you need to contact Xmos support using their ticket system with proof of purchase and then you will receive the proper support files to get started. However, most likely the cpu remains to be compatible with the xcore-200 series.


Be sure that you have the latest toolchain installed and @ 14.3.3 release. Have confirmed that the 14.3.2 toolchain does not contain the support for the requested CPU as the new voice CPUs were released in early 2018.

Just installed 14.3.3 release and this latest toolchain is also lacking the CPU support. Please contact their tech support via the website portal and post your results.

In the meantime, you should be able to select a compatible XCORE-200 CPU and manually define the GPIO pins to get started with some simple LED blinky demo, etc. If this CPU contains an internal flash then select one of the XEF series otherwise XE. Something like the XCORE-200 kit may work for the LED demo but confirm the pinout for your external LED as well as which Tile the port pin is bonded to otherwise you will be toggling the wrong GPIO pin.