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Send data to 10 startKITs at the same time from computer

Postby dsdanielko » Mon May 23, 2016 9:11 am

I have been looking into the xScope bidirectional endpoints but I can't seem to work out how to use it as a means to talk to 10 startKITs simultaneously. The startkits are being used to drive transducers and I need to send a 'Go' command from the computer to all the startkits at the same time in order to not mess up phases.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
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Postby henk » Mon May 23, 2016 10:03 am

Hi dsdanielko,

xscope will go through a few non-real-time layers in your host; too maybe it is not ideal for this.

Could you connect the 10 start kits to a single wire, and get one of them to pull that up once to phase synchronise them? Put a pull down on it to keep it low during startup, you all do a timed input.


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