Changeing linear array geometrie of focal fusion 4 mic

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Changeing linear array geometrie of focal fusion 4 mic

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i have four questions.

1. The focal fusion 4 mic linear array have an maximum distance of 100 mm between MIC1 to MIC4. Is it possible to change the source code, to reduce the maximum distance to 60 mm? If yes, is it only done by change the distance 33 mm to 20 mm or is the expenditure higher?

2. Is it possible to change the source code also by reducing the microphones from 4 to 2 microphones? If yes, is that more expenditure for changing?

Thanks for answering.

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I may be stupid but if you use 2 microphones the array gain will be down 3dB (naively speaking), seems like a big expenditure.
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Information about setting the microphone spacing of the linear array in the source code can be found on the support page VocalFusion™ Speaker: Linear [33mm] in the document xCORE VocalFusion Fine Tuning Guide

The smart mic algorithms in the VocalFusion chips require 4 microphones to achieve the desired performance. Two microphones are not supported.