fl_readdata and data partion

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Niels Braspenning
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fl_readdata and data partion

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If have a problem reading from the data partition

I used xflash to write a piece of data in the flash, when i (with xflash) read the contents in flash, the data is on the memory location i expected

in mine application (which i test in xtime composer with run or debug) when is do a fl_readdata it returns the value on memory location zero, the start of the boot section.
When i query the size of the data partition it return 0.

What can be the cause of this, and how does fl_read know what where the data partition starts. or must i run the application from flash?, if i run it from flash can i than stil print information to the xtime console?

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Niels Braspenning
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Hi Niels,

If an offset of zero is passed to fl_readdata, it should read from the start of the data partition, not from the start of flash/boot partition, as the documentation states:
int fl_readData (unsigned offset,
unsigned size,
unsigned char dst[])

Reads data from the data partition.

offset The offset from the start of the data partition in bytes.
size The number of bytes to read.
dst Array to fill with data.
0 on success, non zero on failure.
Are you saying this differs from the behaviour you are seeing?
Please could you share the exact command you are using to write the data partition to your flash?