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xconnect by two startkit

Postby etori90 » Tue Aug 11, 2020 11:45 am

Hi I'm trying xconnect xlink by two startkit.
I am trying as it says on this site. <viewtopic.php?t=5893>

I could see the same output as in the document < AN01024_-xCONNECT-dynamic-configuration-demo_1.0.1rc01> document shows.
but i can't find how to send data. Through XN specification document In Chapter 5, I found the procedure for linking.

https://www.xmos.com/download/XN-Specif ... 3944B).pdf

Q1. If i want to send data at this example, do i should follow the procedure and add code at this example as the document says?

this is transceiver's source code

Code: Select all

     unsafe { c <: 0x9;}
        if (err_ctr++ == SEND_CTRL_TOKEN*2) {
          err_ctr = 0;
          unsafe {
//            outct((chanend)c,
////                    XS1_CT_ACK
//                    XS1_CT_END
//                    );  //Send a control token as app sync point
this is receiver's source code

Code: Select all

case 4: //receive data loop
            char r = 'z';
            while (rx_loop) {
                unsafe {
                    select {
                    case test_ct(c, ctrl_tkn_ctr):
                        rx_loop_tmr :> t;
                    //case c :> j: break; // breaks at unexpected control tokens
                    case rx_loop_tmr when timerafter(t + RX_TIME_OUT_TICKS) :> void:
                            SET_SHARED_GLOBAL(g_ctrl_tokens, ctrl_tkn_ctr);
                            SET_SHARED_GLOBAL(g_timeout_cnts, tm_out_ctr);
                            printf("g_ctrl token : %x \n",g_ctrl_tokens);
                            printf("ctrl_tkn_ctr : %x\n",ctrl_tkn_ctr);
                            printf("\nTimed out...\n\n");
                            rx_loop = 0;
                            comm_state = 3;
            } //while (rx_loop)
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Postby mon2 » Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:38 pm

Hi. See if the attached document helps.

Also, we designed a PCB with onboard lvds transceivers for this same interface and for use with the XMOS startKits. It is all open source. If there is an interest, can locate the project files. I do believe we had bare pcbs made so they should be in our warehouse... somewhere. Using rj45 cat6 cables you can interconnect multiple startkits.
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Postby mon2 » Tue Aug 11, 2020 3:31 pm

Our LVDS PCB for XMOS startKit is posted here:

https://axxonshare.s3.amazonaws.com/xmo ... Card+A.ZIP

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